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Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor of the Cervical Spine Mimicking Schwannoma: Case Report

Intraspinal inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor has been reported several times before. We are reporting one of the unique cases which are located in obliquus capitis inferior muscle and extending to cervical intraspinal epidural space. We present here 28-year-old female patient with a five months history of pain and parasthesia of right occipital area radiating to the same side of the neck anteriorly. Examination showed only reduced sensation of second cervical nerve root distribution. Computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging showed contrast enhanced lesion inside obliquus capitis inferior muscle extending to cervical epidural spinal space between C1 and C2 vertebrae mimicking the appearance of dumbbell shape schwannoma. Gross total resection was done and histopathological examination showed inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor. Post-operative, her pain was completely resolved but numbness remained. Three years later, on the follow-up examination, she was pregnant and after the delivery of her baby magnetic resonance imaging showed complete resolution of the lesion. We are reporting this case here because of the both unique location and complete resolution of the inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor after pregnancy.


Abdulrahman H Al-Anazi, Ahmed A Khalid, Tansu Mertol and Rawan Al-Anazi

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